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Well, IIT Bombay on Tuesday put out a comprehensive survey -- a survey which covers everything from how often their students take a bath to how their dating experiences are -- that throws fascinating insights into the life of an IIT-ian.

The survey done by Insight, featuring some funky infographics, was recently conducted on its 2016 batch that graduated this month to learn about their experiences, wishes, dreams and aspirations.

The cook slinks away, assuming I have still not figured out her sinister plan of snuffing me out via a There's a 'dating apocalypse' on the horizon? Every year since the year you realized why sex is not a word you should ever utter at a family dinner?

(Trust me, I worked very hard on not typing that in caps)As I furiously raced through a series of questions on Facebook that will decide what vegetable my 'aura' resembles, my single friend had slyly posted something on my timeline suggesting we date like dinosaurs."That can't be," I mutter, completely distraught now. But suggests that Tinder and other dating apps have a role to play somewhere in this tragedy of the proportion of a faked orgasm.

It's absolutely cruel to suggest I have dated like a dinosaur. Tinder didn't take it too well, for obvious reasons.

I have not had anything that looks like Chris Pratt within ten miles of me, all my life. That Whats App from Zac Efron is yet to arrive and I have not asked out Ranveer Singh yet. In an article - which I assume is just two sentences shorter than the Old Testament - Vanity Fair declares 'as romance gets swiped from the screen, some twentysomethings aren’t liking what they see'. It pulled a Wrecking Ball on Vanity Fair on Twitter. Our Tinder world, sorry for being blunt, is the Tyrion Lannister to America's Jamie Lannister. Partly because a planned hook-up seemed far less exciting than the friend's ex's-cousin-at-her-birthday party kind.

And if you aren't there yet, well, you can always dream about it.

In one corner of the parapet, my favourite pair of jeans, washed two days back, languish: in exactly half a day it will start smelling like a peak hour Mumbai local.

Although a lot of girls share profiles of men with friends and keep them informed about who they are dating and where. Single and new to a city, she has taken to dating apps to perk up her social life. Hanging out is just on the basis of physical attraction, either as Friends With Benefits or for casual sex. "In the West, dating means a romantic plan with another person or maybe courtship. India's premier engineering institutes are a dream destination for anyone who wants to make it big in the technology sector.Lakhs aspire to get there, but only thousands eventually make it. But ever wondered how the four years pan out for someone who makes it into an IIT?A more recent study, which sounds really good to us men, found that 20-percent of women admitted to having a one-night stand, while another 50-percent said they would be willing to.Considering that most of the men reading this are good-looking and lucky at the same time, these studies basically give us at least a one in five chance of landing one of these women.If you've seen “Wedding Crashers,” then you probably know that weddings are another prime location for one-night stands.


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