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For example, the bot identifies the best strategies to achieve its goal in what its programmers have taught it to understand as a competitive game.

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The Negobot will try to string along conversationalists who want to leave, with tactics such as asking for help with family, bullying or other typical adolescent problems.

Hence, further I’ll provide a list of a few romantic chat bots I came across.

Disclaimer: This is a rather “quick-and-dirty” review with somewhat shallow testing that I made out of curiosity (and, I must admit, personal needs… As a brief intro I will mention works of the ones who had already dedicated quite a bit of effort to the subject.

We can take it as a matter of fact that the movies ‘Her’ (2013) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) set the expectations of how a full-fledged AI romantic-oriented bot should converse… Futurist and AI thought leader Ray Kurzweil suggests that this level of conversational interaction is plausible by 2029.

Yet it might or might not be here sooner given that a Tinder bot based on Ex Machina’s main character AI seems to have been able to convince a few unassuming nerds at the SXSW’2015 event.


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