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The rapper—who was once engaged to the model and shares a child with her—isn't letting Chyna's new relationship with Kylie Jenner's older brother get to him, taking the high road when it comes to his feelings about the situation.When asked for his opinion on the controversial romance while leaving a friend's house in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Tyga simply responded, "Everybody deserves to be happy."This type of non-reactive approach is exactly how Kylie has also decided to respond to the situation. News, "Kylie doesn't want to give her the attention she so obviously wants," adding, "Ky is ignoring her antics."However, while the family may be acting nonchalant in public, we're told things are little different behind-the-scenes.

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Your legs feel like rubber but if your friends found out you let this opportunity go, you’ll lose some serious face. I think those ‘friends’ are interested in more from the beginning, and were only there for you because they wanted something in exchange eventually.Gurbaksh also known as “G” Chahal, not only enjoys spending his time innovating new ideas but also sharing his life experiences to spread positivity throughout his motivational blog.Be Limitless is dedicated to sharing Gurbaksh’s life lessons to the world.Long enough for it to gross more than 0 million, long enough for the studio to pull the trigger on the first of three potential sequels by replacing director Catherine Hardwicke with one of the guys responsible for the He slides into his chair, dressed all in black, with a weeksold beard, hair crammed under a wool cap, looking like Justin Timberlake researching an off Broadway turn as Terry Malloy.His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he.He took to Instagram to make a public display of affection toward Chyna, sharing an intimate photo of his girl with a simple key emoji, essentially calling her his "major key."Though the two aren't living together at her house just yet, another source tells us, "He's there now.


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