Auctiva scrolling gallery not updating

UPDATE January 2017: this second edition has been completely reviewed and revised, with three new tips added.Do you remember the days when you as a seller could leave negative feedback for bad customers?By becoming our co-marketing partner, we can work together to help even more merchants create profitable online businesses. World First provides in-country accounts to collect funds and bring more of your revenues back home.With great exchange rates, award-winning service and an easy-to-use online platform, we makes it faster, easier and could save you money.Voyager was clearly more about the seller and not so much about the buyer because, if you knew how Voyager worked, you would be banking in on all the sales. Save time selling on e Bay, price competitively and offload repetitive jobs.If you’re an old school e Bay seller like me, then you experienced the glory days of e Bay from the early 2000’s to 2008. Tools to manage listings, create your brand, request feedback, improve marketing & SEO and more. It was in 2008 when e Bay’s marketplace started to change and the company implemented detailed seller ratings (DSRs).Through a fully automated, online platform, businesses can link their latest business data, allowing Kabbage to review the overall health of a business – not just a credit score – to approve and provide loans of up to 0,000 in minutes.Upon signup, you’re paired with a team of dedicated bookkeepers who understand your business and use simple, intuitive software to do your books for you.

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The Web-based service pulls in merchants’ orders and collects them in an easy-to-navigate hub that makes creating shipping labels and packing slips easy and convenient.

Thousands of ebay sellers were recently angered by's recent move to charge for their previously free service. Of course, Auctiva's service was never free, we all openly promoted their services and included their widgets on our listings, in fact Auctiva was profiting from their affiliate links through ebay partner network that were included in every widget.

Supposedly, e Pn's recent policy changes has dramatically effected their profits and they are now forced to charge for their previously free service.

Keeping in mind, I'm not sticking to just free services in my search, the ease of scheduling, one touch image hosting and a central inventory control are very cost saving.

Time equals money and these tools save a lot of time not to mention ebay fees for scheduling and hosting.


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