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Rather than asking for what they want, manipulative people tend to use deception, coercion, even threats to get their needs met.

Manipulation is associated with a number of mental health conditions, including borderline personality disorder, passive-aggressive personality disorder, addiction, antisocial personality disorder, and narcissism.

Mental health professionals use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM ) to diagnose mental disorders.

The 2000 edition of this manual (the fourth edition text revision, also called the DSM-IV-TR ) classifies HPD as a personality disorder.

Vulnerable narcissists (VNs) tend to be more emotionally sensitive.

They feel helpless, anxious and victimized when people don't treat them like royalty.

Researchers have found that HPD appears primarily in men and women with above-average physical appearances.

For practical purposes, though, we can divide this into two groups: the vulnerable narcissist and the grandiose narcissist.

All narcissists are self-absorbed, see themselves as superior, and lack empathy.

When your boss asks you what you thought of his or her terrible presentation and you render lavish praise, you’re concealing your real feelings in an attempt to elicit the reaction you want from someone in power.

But in close interpersonal relationships, manipulation can take on a much darker hue, leaving its targets never quite knowing where they stand.


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