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Remains of individuals who died over 2 million years ago would be expected to have undergone a high degree of fossilization (i.e., mineralization).Now, one of three articles on reports that radiometric dating of the cave sediments within which the bones were found as well as of three teeth indicates that this species existed much more recently, up to at least between 236,000 and 335,000 years ago.The only modern phylum with an adequate fossil record to appear after the Cambrian was the phylum Bryozoa, which is not known before the early Ordovician.A few mineralized animal fossils, including sponge spicules and probable worm tubes, are known from the Ediacaran Period immediately preceding the Cambrian.The assays were run separately by several independent laboratories, thus supporting the validity of the results.

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The Cro-Magnon had broad, small faces with pointed chins and high foreheads.Their cranial capacities were up to 1590 cm A 195,000 year old fossil from the Omo 1 site in Ethiopia shows the beginnings of the skull changes that we associate with modern people, including a rounded skull case and possibly a projecting chin.A 160,000 year old skull from the Herto site in the Middle Awash area of Ethiopia also seems to be at the early stages of this transition.There are many important fossil sites across Canada.In fact, there is a trail of them and here are a few we suggest…Online exhibits : Geologic time scale : Paleozoic Era The Cambrian Period The Cambrian Period marks an important point in the history of life on Earth; it is the time when most of the major groups of animals first appear in the fossil record.


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