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Scott Atran tells the UN in New York that a large majority of new Isis members are recruited by their own friends and peers, and says the leadership of the militant group understands youth ‘much better than the governments that are fighting against them’ The West's counter-messaging that the group is bad, cuts off heads and wants to control women is not effective or universal, said Mr Atran, who has interviewed captured fighters from Isis and the al-Qaida linked Nusra Front.

"The Islamic State represents the spearhead of the most dynamic counter-cultural revolutionary movement since World War II with the largest volunteer fighting force since World War II," he said.

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He warned that unless the UN or other organisations "figure out how to have ideas from youth bubble up and be used to attract other youth, I think we'll be lost for the coming generations".

While those recruited to IS are often said to have "moral failings" or be "brainwashed," Mr Atran said most foreign fighters who join the group, especially those from Europe, do so willingly.

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Amid all of the accusations and speculation pouring out of the investigations of Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, the notion that foreign spies are using old-school tactics and personally recruiting agents to divulge sensitive information is actually widely accepted among intelligence officials.

There is no doubt that the rise of information warfare and cyberespionage has changed the spy game in the years since the Cold War.

Dr van Ham from the University of St Andrews explained, “We set out to explore the suggestion that Swedish men recruiting a partner from abroad are often older men marrying much younger women from Asia and Eastern Europe.

“We found that Swedish men marrying women from the rest of Europe, the US and Australia are often of similar age to their partner.


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