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Joel had interviewed some relatives at that time, and that had provided an excellent starting point for my research.

jus wanted to let everybody know that there is a large katz family in las vegas, nevada Name: Tanja Katz Email: [email protected]: July 3. I've been looking for good images of that store for a long time.

One session was for survivors and the other for staff and members. Eli Rabinowitz & Don Krausz This was the first time I had presented specifically to a group of survivors, although I had filmed several survivors’ testimonies in the past.

I showed photos from my trips to the Baltics & Eastern Europe as well as some videos from my Zog Nit Keynmol project for King David & Herzlia Schools.

From there I began investigating and adding extensively to the tree.

Not only did I work on the Diener tree, but I was able to compile an extensive family tree for my mothers Luterman family with the assistance of a relative in Israel, Arthur Halpern.


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