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Marcus Nyman, a judoka in the men's 90-kilogram division from Sweden, said he got 10 matches on Tinder in the first day or so after he arrived in Rio.

"A lot of the athletes here are using this app," said Nyman, 25.

Four medals were awarded in each event, including two bronzes.Having sport in common is just one more way that preconceptions and false ideas are swept away. Also 215 US colleges and universities have Special Olympics College Clubs on campus, providing ongoing Unified and inclusionary activities for students and Special Olympics athletes.73 of the 215 US colleges and universities activating Special Olympics College conduct ongoing Unified Sports on their campus. Many high-profile, professional sports organizations and events have also showcased Unified Sports as a vehicle to show the power of inclusive sports!Unlike previous editions of the Olympic event, it was decided that the Olympic tournaments would not offer ATP and WTA ranking points for the players.This marked Puerto Rico's first ever Olympic gold medal and made Puig her country's first ever female medalist.The next Olympics, Atlanta 1996, had 5 events with the addition of mixed doubles.


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