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In just 60 minutes, Raeeka can give you the honest, straightforward answers to those questions that your friends, your mom, and your hairstylist haven’t been able to supply: Most importantly though, Raeeka will tell you what you need to do to CHANGE your approach to dating and your interaction with men, to create the love life that you’ve been dreaming of!

After all, how can you fix your approach if you aren’t even sure where you are going wrong?

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest industrial innovations and businesses that were created to solve contemporary problems: One strategy you can run with is to choose an industry you know a lot about, interview a bunch of businesses in that industry to find out what pain point they have that they’re willing to pay to solve, come up with a Software as a Service solution (some website or software you’d create to solve their problem that they’d happily pay $X/mo), present the solution to them and presell it and get deposits like Tesla did with their consumers, use that money to build the software, then launch to them, and acquire more customers.

In short: Business is about leveraging your strengths to solve people’s problems.

Strain on your savings Dating a man with desire to better his financial circumstances could not only mean that you will not get to be materially indulged but that sometime down the line, your own resources may be come under strain.

You may even find yourself lending your date some pocket money all too often or filling up his car with gas.

So at this time I know what should I fix.”Haleh - California The Dating Success Assessment is one the most amazingly powerful tools I offer at Dating with Confidence™.

If your date is stuck at a lowly job, he will not be able to take you out in style that you deserve to, much less pamper you with all the finer things of life.

Or they try to enter a market they know nothing about, instead of figuring out what they already enjoy that people are willing to pay for. But that’s unnecessarily harder than finding something that has an existing market that you already know well and can execute on. Don’t pursue endeavors you don’t understand because “there’s money in it.” That’s a sucker’s game.

There are billions in banking and trillions in oil. There is opportunity everywhere in everything; it doesn’t mean it’s for you.

Nine times out of ten it’s not the idea that’s the key to success. People start businesses all the time in existing markets with plenty of competitors, and they succeed because of their execution.

So you don’t need a super unique idea to start a business; you just need a market and you need to execute well, preferably better than the existing competition. Once you’ve identified an area congruent with your skills or interests, you need to figure out who your audience is and figure out what they want. If you can identify someone’s pain point and find a way to solve it, you have an idea for launching a business.


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