Tv pilot for senior dating

Now, one in 10 retired singles looks to the internet to find love and sex.

Only last week 80-year-old author Jilly Cooper revealed that she has been speed dating and joined Tinder – the dating app – for “research” purposes.

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Organizer Denise Balcaen was really happy with how the first meeting of the Professional Singles Over 50 went.

I found a good majority of people don’t represent themselves accurately,” she said.

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Ceri Wheeldon is founder and editor of website uk and says the subject of how to embark on dating again is such a hot topic among single women in their 50s and beyond that she’s currently putting together a course to help them.“When this generation were in their teens or 20s they met people through work, friends or at university, but now almost half of all relationships over the age of 50 start online,” she explains.“If you are suddenly single because of being widowed, divorced or separated and you want to start dating it can be terrifying and you may even have to learn how to interact socially with the opposite sex all over again.”Certainly, it’s not all butterflies in the stomach and heady dinner dates, as Diana attests.

Though she is infectiously jolly and gregarious, it wasn’t always the case.


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