Updating views in sql server

Actually I want to create a view and it should update automatically when base tables are changed. I have been unsuccessful is using indexed views where I most need them because of too many restrictions on what can be indexed and what cannot.

For example, the view can't reference other views and can't contain outer joins.

The contents are not able to be scripted using conventional means in SQL Server Management Studio; nor do the definitions appear in the definition column of sys.sql_modules.

This allows the cautious DBA to keep stored procedures and functions securely in source control and protecting the intellectual property contained therein.

You wish to preserve secrecy on some procedures, views or functions in order to maintain security.

SQL Server stored procedures, views and functions are able to use the WITH ENCRYPTION option to disguise the contents of a particular procedure or function from discovery.

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Users cannot see or access the remaining data in the underlying tables.I’ve received some great questions and comments after delivering my material on “Best Practices for your SQL Server Very Large Databases“, both when presenting to live audiences and posting it here on SQLTurbo.A common thread along those comments is people asking me “OK, I understand all these are very important but I don’t have time/resources/budget to get all these done, so where do I start? To answer this particular question I created this Top 10 of Must-Do Items for your SQL Server Very Large Database.In this article I am going to describe how to use views in SQL Server 2005 database.A view is a virtual table that consists of columns from one or more tables.Though it is similar to a table, it is stored in the database. Hence, a view is an object that derives its data from one or more tables.


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